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School sports – all must have prizes

Every first of September I cheer inwardly – and a little outwardly too – that I’m not going back to school today. School’s out forever, baby! Running wasn’t a major part of my school days. In my all-boys secondary school … Continue reading

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I walk the line for 10K fundraiser

This Sunday’s Fit Magazine City Series event in the Phoenix Park in Dublin will be my first ever 10K race. However, I’ve taken part in a 10K event before – a fundraising walk that became a run. Let time run … Continue reading

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Fig rolls – go figger!

The fig roll, that well-known type of biscuit, has figured in my running career as far back as my under-age athletics. Most times we would merely eat the fig rolls. But one time on the bus back from a sports day, as … Continue reading

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Hurdler on the ditch

Writing these blog posts about my marathon running, I find myself remembering long-forgotten scenes from my under-age athletics years: Did you know that I used to be a hurdler? My two brothers and I were members of the local juvenile … Continue reading

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