Your blogger in action: Frank Duffy 10 Mile, Phoenix Park, Dublin, August 2014

Your blogger in action at the Frank Duffy 10 Mile, Phoenix Park, Dublin, August 2014

Love running? Training for a marathon? But sick of reading cheesy inspirational quotes, dubious training ‘secrets’ and crazy diet fads? Then this is the blog for you!

Here’s where I write about my training, races, gear and more, without any of the rubbish you read in some running magazines. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

I’ve done nine marathons since 2004 – Dublin five times, Paris three times during my 8 years living Seine-side, and once in my home town of Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland. My personal best time is 3:26:14, which I set at the 2013 Dublin Marathon. I started running in 2004, and now I’m wondering how I didn’t enjoy it this much in school and Community Games when I was young.

I also write about the running stuff I love – Irish athletes, great YouTube clips of classic races, rock stars who do marathons, and anything else connected to running.

I’ll be blogging here around twice a week. Read the posts, leave comments, follow on Twitter and have a good run!

Note: This blog is not an alternative to consulting your doctor or a sports physio before undertaking a marathon or starting running. Talk to your doctor. Visit a qualified and accredited physiotherapist who specialises in treating sports injuries. Be careful and be responsible.

9 Responses to About

  1. Hey there! I enjoy your blog and have “nominated” you for the Liebster Award (why we say “nominate” rather than “award” I have no idea)! You can view the information and rules at The Liebster Award (and a collection of running blogs to check out).

  2. Jim Brennan says:

    Glad you stopped by my blog. I like your style, and stopped my self-indulgent Runner’s World subscription about a decade ago. Let’s talk real runners, blue-collar runners. I’m impressed with your accomplishments in such a short time on the circuit, and 3:26 marathon is awesome. I qualified for Boston in my fiftieth year and ran my first ultra in my sixtieth. I think we’d make a good fit.
    My blog sometimes wanders beyond the sport of endurance running to art, writing, traveling, and on and on. And I too, love music. I blogged about Dave Groh from the Foo Fighters some time ago, and visited the musical pubs of Doolin in 2009. I plan to return to Ireland in 2016, perhaps we can share a run and a pint.
    Be well.

  3. Enjoy your site. Which marathon do you prefer Dublin or Paris? Dublin for me for sure.

  4. farrellbren says:

    Hi Aidan. My name is Brendan and I am training to run Paris in 2 and a half weeks. Any advice at all for the route? I’ve never run it before but I was wondering is there a lot of bunching the whole way along? I have been training to run my first sub 4 hour marathon so if there is any advice at all that’d be great. Brilliant blog by the way.

    • Run and Jump says:

      Hi Brendan, glad you like the blog. The Paris route doesn’t bunch up too much – the waves are well-managed and the route is mostly wide. Each pace group usually has three pacers, so the groups shouldn’t be uncomfortably packed. Just be careful at the feed stations – as well as water they give out orange segments, so beware of slipping on an orange peel.

      Aside from that, get to the start area at least an hour before the start, because any later the metro will be packed. The route is mostly flat, easier than Dublin. And don’t drink the free wine from the Marathon de Medoc stand at mile 22!

      Enjoy it – let me know how you get on and what your impressions were.

      • farrellbren says:

        I certainly will thanks a million for that. I’ll watch out for the orange peel. See that’s something I would never have considered. I actually think we’re staying very close to the start so I doubt I’ll be using the metro but good to know I avoided that one. Very glad to hear it’s that segmented aswell. I was really picturing myself in a queue at the end to cross the finish line. Thanks a million again. When I get back I’ll let you and Jacqueline @ Mam On The Run know if I prefer Dublin or Paris.

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