Last of the long runs

Autumn running weather in the parks of Dublin (Photo: Rodrigo_Martins via photopin cc)

Autumn running in the parks of Dublin (Photo: Rodrigo Martins via photopin cc)

Right, that’s that. With my long run this morning I finished my substantive training for the Dublin Marathon in three weeks’ time.

I was glad to get that long run done at all. I had planned to run it yesterday (Saturday) morning. But on Friday I found myself sniffling and squinting with a head cold.

Emergency measures were deployed, such as Lemsip and soup. But by Friday evening I had to admit that for me the cold war was over; I was fighting a losing battle. My inner Captain Sensible knocked some sense into my bunged-up head – there would be no long run on Saturday morning.

Nothing for it, then, but to do my best to shake off the head cold, keep it from spreading to my chest, and see if I could recover in time for a run on Sunday.

So, after a sound Friday night’s sleep where I bundled up to sweat out the sickness, I spent Saturday resting up. And in truth, after a busy few weekends of travelling and running in various locations, I enjoyed my Saturday of lounging at home. I sat on the sofa, surfed the channels, kept warm, drank plenty of fluids, took paracetemol and ate heartily.

It did the trick: apart from a husky throat I felt well enough this morning to go for my long run.

It was a glorious morning in Dublin – one of those sunny autumnal mornings where the sunlight catches the brown and golden leaves and the trees start to take on some of that lovely wintry bleakness. Already at half past eight there were more people than usual strolling in the park and along our tree-lined residential roads. Little kids, bundled up in jackets and gloves, waddled excitedly to the park to kick some leaf.

My running route was busier than usual too. I usually take in a few miles of the second half of the Dublin Marathon route, and as this weekend sees the last long run for most people training for that race there were a few groups of runners – and some lone wolves too – taking the hills around Milltown and Clonskeagh for some race-day preparation.

I’ve run around here so much that I know the route well by now. But it was still a thrill to see on the hill of Roebuck Road a discreet ’22’ sprayed in white paint at the kerb – that’s where the 22-mile marker will go. Marathon day is coming.

My long run went well, and I haven’t felt any ill-effects after it. Just to be careful, I spent the rest of today on the sofa again. And over the next three weeks I’ll be spending a lot more time there too.

After all, it’s Dublin Marathon taper time now.

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11 Responses to Last of the long runs

  1. I did the same, 30km in Phoenix park. Hoping to do some interval runs which I have never attempted before – any ideas?

    • Run and Jump says:

      If you’re training for the Dublin Marathon in three weeks, maybe your taper isn’t the place to try new things – have you done any speed work or threshold runs in your training? If so, lighter versions of those, or some strides, would do the trick in keeping you ticking over.

  2. Good luck with the marathon. If the weather is nice, I’ll most likely will watch the run near Milltown since it’s just around the corner from my home. 😊

  3. mia79gbr says:

    Enjoy the taper and lounging on the sofa!

  4. Thanks for the advice – tried some threshold runs on Saturday. 12km with the middle 4km as fast as I could push it. Will give them a go for the next week also. Cheers!

    • Run and Jump says:

      For next week I wouldn’t push it so hard – some strides, or some else some short intervals at your 5K PB pace, would still give you a nice workout without depleting you.

  5. Short intervals sound good. It’s 5km into work for me so maybe I can try this 3 times. Cheers!

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