Pfoney war of Pfitzinger and Douglas day 1

Pfalse alarm! Back to bed until Tuesday.

Pfalse alarm! Back to bed until Tuesday.

My Dublin Marathon training started today – and I didn’t run a step.

I’ve decided to try Pfitzinger and Douglas‘s 18-week, 55-mile marathon training plan this year. Today is 18 weeks out from race day, which meant it was day 1 of the plan.

However, day 1 for Pf. and D. happens to be a rest day. So far, so good!

Strictly speaking, the entry for day 1 says “Rest or cross-training”. Given that yesterday I ran 13 miles in blazing sunshine, I chose the first option. In truth, I was fairly tired after yesterday’s run, though I was still able to summon up energy for yesterday’s bottle of red wine and yesterday’s chocolate, presents for my birthday earlier in the week.

So, how did day 1 of Dublin Marathon 2014 training go?

Well, with the day off, I had a lie-in; that went well. Breakfast passed off peacefully too. After lunch I strolled into town, got the paper and sat outside to soak up the sun and soak down some afternoon coffee. Pleasant duty called this evening; more matches in this wonderful World Cup. (On which point, greetings to American friends still in shock after Portugal’s late, late equaliser. We Europeans are mightily impressed by your team.)

Eager as I am to crack into manoeuvres for Dublin, this day of rest has been a great contribution to the war effort. Next Saturday I have my first race of the summer, the Irish Runner 5 Mile, so I need to husband some energy for that. I’ll adapt week one of Pf. and D. slightly too.

Also, week 2 is already on my mind – in particular, the 13-mile run wherein 8 miles are at marathon race pace. Frankly, I’m psyching myself up for that as if it were a race itself; week 2 feels a bit early for it. Saturday’s 5-miler will give me an idea of where I stand, and today’s much-needed rest will, in turn, help me on Saturday.

Today may have felt like a phoney war, but I can hear the rumble of action looming closer – starting tomorrow.

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