Dublin Marathon 2014 – I’m in!

Dublin Marathon 2014

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Sensational and surprising news – I’ve entered the 2014 Dublin Marathon!

This astounding development has been greeted with a wave of boredom among my people, who assumed I had already signed up long ago and simply took my participation for granted.

I see their point. This year’s Dublin Marathon, on the holiday Monday of 27 October, will be my 4th successive time running in this event, and my 5th time in all.

I love this race. Convenience is one reason, as it’s almost literally on my doorstep – mile 15 passes by the end of our road.

As well as providing the comfort of familiarity, the Dublin Marathon has always been well-organised, great value and runner-friendly. (The logistical and financial challenges of staging a marathon in the centre of a capital city are immense.)

The weather on Dublin Marathon day is usually ideal for running – every time I’ve competed, the day has been sunny and mild, with only a slight breeze. (In 2011 I finished before a freak heavy shower that soaked the 4-hour runners.)

Also, the support along the Dublin course is always fantastic. One of the most thrilling experiences in my running life was passing through a veritable street carnival at Chapelizod in the 2013 race – I swear I was a gear faster after it. And there are large and enthusiastic crowds too at Phibsborough, Dolphin’s Barn, the KCR in Kimmage, Terenure, Milltown and Ballsbridge. Leave your earphones at home and soak up the cacophony of cheering.

Speaking of the course, the laying of new LUAS tram lines in the city centre will result in changes to the early and late miles of the race, as Nassau Street and College Green will not be available. The marathon organisers will confirm the changes to the route in due course.

If you’re planning to run the Dublin Marathon for the first time, or if it will even be your very first marathon, you can check out my previous Dublin Marathon experiences.

As for me, I’ll continue with short races for the rest of spring – next up for me is the Terenure 5 Mile on 18 May, and I’ll probably throw in another parkrun or two as well.

Then, as soon as we hit the summer, I’ll start preparing for the Dublin Marathon – serious training combined with the traditional Race Series build-up of the Irish Runner 5 Mile, Frank Duffy 10 Mile and the Dublin Half Marathon, all in the Phoenix Park.

See you all in Dublin on 27 October!

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6 Responses to Dublin Marathon 2014 – I’m in!

  1. A local race is such a big advantage, especially a marathon. You can’t beat not having to deal with traveling/parking/traffic/etc.

    • Run and Jump says:

      Yes, and sleeping and breakfasting in your own home! All my marathons so far have been local for me, either Paris or Dublin, so if I ever want to do London or New York I must get used to the idea of doing all my race prep in a hotel room.

  2. Killian says:

    I’m in too. the latest conundrum is whether I’m a runner or triathlete and combining the training for both! a bit of planning can get TriAthy at the end of May, some of the race series and then the Dublin Triathlon in August working towards the main annual goal of DCM14. Sure if we stick with the plans we set in April for the races in October we’ll be winning the thing!
    Best of luck! looking forward to following your plans…

  3. I am thinking now to enter this event for my first ever marathon. I don’t know why I am choosing Dublin but I think it is a great city to start with.

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