The captain’s run

Now for some cod-loading. Arrrr!

Now for some cod-loading. Arrrr!

The day before a rugby international, both teams take a turn at visiting the stadium for the traditional captain’s run – a light training session where the players get a feel for the match-day experience.

Following this example, my pre-race preparations also include a captain’s run.

Ahead of tomorrow’s Great Ireland Run, this morning I took a short, light run around my local park. The objective was to loosen the legs, blow out any physical and mental cobwebs, work up a bit of race buzz and battle fever, and go through my race strategy in my mind.

Also, I find that I race better if I’ve had a run the day before – I’d feel stale on the starting line otherwise. And it’s a good opportunity to test for any niggles or check that your gear is up to scratch.

Many marathons include some kind of day-before event, like a breakfast run. As well as sharing the captain’s run idea of a practical warm-up, these mini-events add to the sense of occasion and ‘experience’ that most large city marathons aim to create.

I’m not limbering up for a marathon tomorrow – the Great Ireland Run is just a 10-kilometre race, though with some crunchy hills in the second half of the course. But a race is a race, so I’m going through my usual preparations. My captain’s run this morning was nothing strenuous: just a nice and uneventful 1-mile spin around the park, with no twinges or aches to reports.

With that job done, now I can rest up for the afternoon. Bring on tomorrow’s race!

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