Mister no-jangles

Essential running gear? (Photo: xJason.Rogersx via photopin cc)

Essential running gear? (Photo: Jason Rogers via photopin cc)

On the same run – and the same stretch of road, in fact – where I saw someone running in jeans, I encountered another noteworthy runner.

He had loose coins jangling in the pocket of his shorts.

I don’t know about you, but that would annoy the hell out of me. This runner seemed fairly happy, though – he even greeted me as he passed.

First of all, how does all that jangling of loose change not get on the guy’s nerves? This wasn’t rhythmic chiming in time with the runner’s stride, but just a shrill mess of noise. Surely there’s some type of coin-holder he could have used. And why a lot of small coins instead of one larger denomination coin or even a bank note?

Secondly, why did he even need to bring a pocket full of coins on his run anyway? Was he planning to stop at the shop for a pint of milk? Did he expect to pass by buskers or through a toll booth?

The only loose metal I carry on my run is my front door key on a small keyring. I make sure it’s well bundled up so that its jingling doesn’t set my nerves jangling.

In the summer, when I’m in my short shorts, I twist the inside key pocket so that it isn’t flapping loose with the key jumping up and down inside. (As well as keeping things quiet, it’s to stop my key falling out.) And in the winter, wearing my longer shorts with a bigger outside pocket, I wrap my key in a piece of cloth.

In any case, I’ve never felt the need to carry money with me on a run. If I need water, I bring a bottle with me from the start – I can’t imagine interrupting my run to stop at a shop. And it’s unlikely that a payphone will be nearby if I have an emergency.

So, just like running in jeans, running with a pocket of loose change seems odd to me. Or are those two runners passing me and thinking I’m the one who’s weird?

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12 Responses to Mister no-jangles

  1. Sam says:

    I always carry my house keys, occasionally my debit card, but I don’t even like a pocket full of change when I am not running!

  2. Red Hen says:

    I used to carry my debit card on some of my pre marathon long runs, just in case I chickened out and had to take the train home. Yes, I made sure my long run half way point included a train station! I never used it though, thank goodness, but it was a comfort to have the option.

  3. Maybe those were keys making the noise? I usually run with just one key but there have been times that for some reason I took a key chain and there was definitely noise involved… As for money, I usually don’t take any, but in the few cases I did it’s always a bill.

    • Run and Jump says:

      No, definitely not keys – it was loose pieces of metal jangling randomly,not as a bunch, and the sound was lighter than keys.

      But in any case, why take a whole bunch of keys if he just needed one, or two at most? And why leave them jangle like that anyway?

  4. 11315miles says:

    Love it and no you’re not weird. This is one of the best things I like to commentate about running outside ~ all the crazy things you see. Maybe if he stopped to pick up some milk he could turn it into a new crossfit exercise. Keep running!

  5. mia79gbr says:

    Ah … I might have the answer as I’ve done this … (blushes)

    I tend to carry cash (usually a banknote so it doesn’t jingle) in case I get Runners Trots and need to nip into a pub to use the loo. I always feel a bit mean not buying something but using the loo so buy a packet of peanuts … but ALSO end up with change from the bank note ….

    Was he trailing loo roll from the bottom of one running shoe? And have a packet of peanuts sticking out of his pocket too? If so this might be your answer 🙂

    • Run and Jump says:

      Special dispensation for you because you set out with paper money – my local jangler didn’t look like he was as organised as you!

      If you stop in the same pub each time, by now the barman must think that peanuts are some kind of secret weapon or special food for runners 🙂

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