Running in jeans

OMG (Photo: Stride and Joy via

The new fashion in running attire (Photo: Stride and Joy via

Out on my run last Tuesday night, what did I see?

A runner wearing jeans.

The rest of this runner’s attire was perfectly normal – proper running shoes, a light hooded tracksuit top, a sports watch. But with all that, the jeans.

I thought that this must be an isolated incident of madness. Who in the name of God would want to go running in a pair of jeans, with the overheating and chafing it brings?

Answer: more people than you think.

To warn my fellow runners, I tweeted about this disturbing sight – and I got back a tweet from fellow blogger Run Don’t Run with a link to a website dedicated to runners in denim trousers and shorts. are the curators of this rogues gallery. If you’re brave of heart, strong of stomach and hardy of retina, you’ll find photos of gym users and race competitors wearing their jeans inappropriately.

Oddly enough, celebrities make up a large part of this collection – Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron and Gary Barlow of Take That are among the stars who clearly have more money than sense. Perhaps this is the coming thing, the latest trend.

As someone who doesn’t wear jeans at all, for running or anywhere else, I’m strangely fascinated by this sub-culture in my sport. After all, I held out for years before finally getting a GPS sports watch. Should I just get with the fashion and start running in jeans?

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8 Responses to Running in jeans

  1. HC says:

    Ha ha. That’s just weird. I sometimes see people running in jeans and assume they left the house on a dull errand and were suddenly compelled to be free. It never occurred to me jean running is a thing.

    • Run and Jump says:

      I prefer your image of a denim-wearer walking down the street suddenly seized by a yearning to be free, a compulsion to run, shouting: “I got to be free! I got to be ME! No time to go home and change into shorts – it has to be now!”

      Alas, the depressing truth is that they just decided to go out running in their jeans.

  2. It would get a few years, at least, to get used to running in jeans.. so you might want to start now. In case it becomes cool one day.

  3. angryjogger says:

    I did my first ever runs in jeans! Not intentionally I just didn’t know any better. I used to run to the train station sometimes in them too. Kinda disgusting. Lower half reeked of trout.

  4. Red Hen says:

    Glad to read that Ms Cyrus wears jeans. Maybe if she keeps `em on for her next concert she might just start a trend…

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