Dry your wet running shoes here!

Today's news, tomorrow's shoe-dryer. That's journalism, folks!

Today’s news, tomorrow’s shoe-dryer. That’s journalism, folks!

From the same almanac of handy hints as my cure for stitches while you run and my home-made sports drink, here’s a tip for drying your shoes when they’re soaking wet after a run in the rain:

Stuff your running shoes full of newspaper and leave them overnight. By morning the newspapers will have absorbed all the water and your footwear will be bone dry, inside and out.

With this method you don’t need to leave your paper-filled wet shoes near a radiator or open fire, or in an airing cupboard or hot press that you may not even have in your home – the newspaper will work its magic whatever the room temperature. It’ll save you having to use the hair dryer or the microwave too.

There isn’t a particular newspaper or section that is better than others for this, although the opinion pages are usually full of hot air so that’s got to help.

One more word of advice, though; make sure you’ve read the papers and done the crossword first before you go cramming them into your wet running shoes.

Stay tuned for more handy hints as I think of them – or feel free to contribute your own!

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5 Responses to Dry your wet running shoes here!

  1. WalkToRio says:

    I wish I had read this yesterday, I had to leave my shoes behind the fridge.

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