2014 – a new year of running

First run of the year, in my new running journal

First run of the year, written into my snazzy new running journal

I had my first run of 2014 this morning – a light 3 miles through the park and along the ring road near my home in Dublin.

The effects of recent storms are still visible. In the park some large, leafy branches torn from evergreen trees were lying at the edge of the path like clumps of broccoli shoved to the side of a child’s dinner plate.

Grassy areas were saturated with water and the local football pitches were unplayable – runners and cyclists were the only sportspeople active around here today.

I had a busy, enjoyable and successful year of running in 2013. I clocked up 1,120 miles in training and races – and I reckon that mile number 1,000 of my running year was mile 16 of the Dublin Marathon, which happened to be on the road where I live.

In all that mileage I achieved five personal best times in 2013, for the mile, 5km, 10 mile, half marathon and the marathon. And I enjoyed every step of my training, from track sessions and forest roads outside Paris to threshold runs and sprints in the parks of Dublin.

So what does 2014 have in store? I haven’t entered a marathon yet, but I have some shorter races lined up in Dublin for the first few months of the year – keep an eye on Twitter for more news. I also intend to make my long-overdue parkrun debut and become a regular during the year.

New PBs and more finisher medals would be great, but my main wish for 2014 is to enjoy my running year as much as I did last year.

Whatever your goals are, have a good year and enjoy your running.

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2 Responses to 2014 – a new year of running

  1. JA says:

    You live in Dublin? I am going for St Patricks Day! Might run that 5K they have…

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