Christmas running streak

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time.

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time (Photo: chris@APL via photopin cc)

And so this is Christmas, and what have you done?

Well, so far 5 miles this morning, with plenty more in store for the rest of this week.

I have the whole week off, so I’ve come down to the ancestral home for Christmas. And in keeping with my tradition of recent years, I’ll go for a run every morning while I’m here. It’s my Christmas running streak!

I see that many other runners active online are also clocking up a Christmas streak or a 12 Runs of Christmas or what have you. As well as being an obvious thing to do for runners with time off work, it’s a good way to burn off the excess calories.

So, with a whole week of rock-hard running ahead of me, I’ve already started (ahem) carb-loading with the tin of biscuits. However, my junk-loading is seriously affected by tins of biscuits this year being noticeably smaller than in previous years.

There’ll be no white Christmas in the south-west of Ireland – the forecast is for strong winds and occasional rain. But Christmas Day promises to be bright, so hopefully it won’t be too blustery out there for my 12-miler that morning.

If you’ve got your running streak on this Christmas, remember to drink water regularly during the week – not only will it keep you hydrated with all the alcohol of the season, but it’ll help curb your cravings for excess junk.

That said, Christmas is a time to eat well and enjoy yourself. So, don’t beat yourself up for polishing off that selection box, nor torment yourself by not having any of those nice things you like. A good run will help tip the scales back again.

Enjoy the Christmas!

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7 Responses to Christmas running streak

  1. Red Hen says:

    I hope you’re not on turkey duty, then! 😉

  2. Have a great Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve here already and I’m waiting for torrential rain to stop so I can get out for my morning run. I’m keeping the tin of Roses sealed until tomorrow 🙂

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