Ready for 5k action

I've got my number - and I've got your number too!

I’ve got my number – and I’ve got your number too!

The story so far: After hurtling around Dublin to a glorious new marathon personal best, your blogger was knocked out by various illnesses. But now the scene is set for a triumphant return to rock-hard racing action. Now read on…

The race number arriving in the post. The preparation of race-day gear. The trash talk on social media. I’ve got that race-week buzz again!

I’ll be taking part in the Aware Christmas Run in the Phoenix Park in Dublin this Saturday morning, 14 December. It’ll be my first race since the Dublin Marathon at the end of October.

The event actually comprises two races – a 5k and a 10k. Given my recent ill health and subsequent lack of fitness, I’ll be doing the 5k. I’ve been wheezing and shuffling on my recent training runs, so there’s no fear of me breaking the speedometer on Saturday morning.

And yet, I’ll still be running a 5k personal best! You see, the Aware run will be my first ever timed 5k race. I’ve not yet made my long-awaited parkrun debut, and I haven’t run as many shorter races as I would have liked. (During my eight years in Paris, there weren’t many races less than 20 kilometres.) I took part in a 5k Colour Dash in July, also in the Phoenix Park, but because of the regular bombardment with paint there was no time recorded nor time worth recording.

So, I’ll be enjoying the familiar buzz of race-day, helping a good cause and tearing home to a guaranteed P.B., my fifth of 2013.

And if any of you think that you can take me down in Saturday’s race just because I’ve been ill, all I’ll say is: You come at the king, you best not miss.

Bring it on!

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