Back on my feet

Wait for me! I’m back!

This morning I had a three-mile run, and it felt as good as finishing a marathon. It was my first run in almost three weeks.

In running terms, November was a washout for me. I expected to rest up and go easy after the Dublin Marathon – but a chest infection knocked me out completely.

Now, though, I’m better – I’ve taken my course of medication and recovered completely. So, I prepared tentatively for my comeback run this morning.

My pre-run routine felt strange and familiar at once, as if I were revisiting a childhood home after years away. I hadn’t stretched at all during my illness, so my dynamic stretches felt a little stiff. I had to dig out some running gear from the bottom of a pile of clothes.

The first morning of December here in Dublin still had a feel of autumn about it – Bushy Park is still garlanded in gold and copper leaves, though there are sufficient glimpses of the lovely bleakness of bare trees. The weather was mild and the sun shone discreetly from behind light clouds.

My run was nothing spectacular – a mile through the park and then two more along a ring road and back home. But it felt good to blow off the cobwebs. My breathing was fine, which reassured me that my chest infection had fully cleared. The legs were a little heavy but that’s to be expected.

December is shaping up to be a great month of running. On 14 December I’ll take park in the Aware Christmas Run in the Phoenix Park in Dublin – in a rare fit of common sense I’ll stick to the 5km and leave the 10km race to others.

Then during the Christmas period I’ll fit in some longer runs while visiting the ancestral home in Tralee. So, I’ll be using December to get in shape for some rock-hard Christmas running. And then I’ll start thinking about what races I’ll do in 2014.

Back in the game, baby!

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4 Responses to Back on my feet

  1. Red Hen says:

    Lovely post. Happy Christmas running!

  2. Gareth says:

    Great to hear, champ. After a 5-month hiatus following the Trail Marathon Wales, I signed up for my second Paris Marathon yesterday. My brain is already filling up with new route possibilities.

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