After the Dublin Marathon

I’m just back from my first run since the Dublin Marathon a week ago.

I had a nice 5-mile spin on a hilly tarmac route in Tralee; I’m down at the ancestral home for a long weekend to recover from my marathon efforts – and also to recover from the stomach bug and head cold I’ve been trying to shake off for the last week. (The stomach bug dates from the week before the marathon, in fact.)

The legs are still a bit heavy – and I have an ache in what medical science tells me is the soleus muscle just under my left calf. Overall, there wasn’t much horsepower in the engine today.

But oh, it felt good to be running again! Whatever about the body, the head really needed it and feels all the better for that short run.

I’ve no races planned for spring, though a few are on the ‘possibles’ list. Short-term, though, I’ll be going easy in November – maybe only four runs a week, without much speed or distance. After last year’s Dublin Marathon I had a serious case of the post-marathon blues so I’ll hope to fare better this year. I’d like to give my local parkrun a go too – that should keep me sharp over the winter.

After that, I’ll be fizzing to run during the Christmas holidays, when I can enjoy my favourite long routes around Tralee. By then I’ll know what races, if any, the springtime holds in store for me.

Back in the game, baby!

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