Ready for Dublin Marathon 2013


That’s me.

I had my last training run this morning. My race number is pinned to my running top.

I’m ready for the Dublin Marathon!

The stomach bug that afflicted me during the week has cleared up; the doctor identified it as a mild strain of gastroenteritis and gave me the appropriate medicine. Hopefully this illness hasn’t drained too much of my strength. It has already drained water; stomach complaints tend to cause dehydration, so I need to be attentive to that.

Illness cleared up, then. And by the start of the marathon tomorrow morning, perhaps the weather will have cleared up too. The Atlantic storm due to hit the south of England tomorrow was also originally forecast to strike Ireland too – but according to the lunchtime news today it seems that Dublin will escape the full force of it. (Sorry, south coast of Ireland, but tomorrow morning our need is greater.)

If you’re running in the Dublin Marathon tomorrow, get some rest this evening and do your best to relax. As for the race tomorrow, enjoy the whole experience and do your best.

See you all at Merrion Square first thing in the morning!

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2 Responses to Ready for Dublin Marathon 2013

  1. Red Hen says:

    Very best of luck, 947!

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