Countdown to Dublin Marathon 2013

Airtricity Dublin Marathon 2013, Dublin City Marathon

Click image to visit the Dublin Marathon website.

The warm-up races are done. The days are getting shorter. Time to get ready for the 2013 Dublin Marathon!

There are five weeks to go to race day. That’s either a positive “still five weeks to go” or a worried “only five weeks to go”, depending on your outlook and your current condition.

That said, if you’re uninjured and you’ve put in plenty of training during the last couple of months, then you should be positive. We still have plenty of time to train well, recover well and plan well.

There’s no point in worrying now about the odd couple of miles you’ve missed from your training schedule: trust the training you’ve done so far. Get in some good training over the next two weeks – but don’t overtrain or overcompensate. If you have a plan, stick to it. After that, you’ll have three weeks to taper – that is, to wind down your training so that you save your energy for race day.

Start planning your race. What is your target finishing time, and what are the split times for halfway and other points on the route? Have you tested the running gear or watch or gels that you intend using in the race? Can you visualise the finish?

You should also think about your pre-race routine, so that you’ll have less panic on the big day. What will you eat for breakfast, and at what time? How will you get to the start? What will you do if it rains? (Like many runners, I cut a hole in a rubbish bag and turn it into a disposable rain poncho. Do this with an unused rubbish bag and not a full one, though.)

Trust your training and your plan; your training and your plan will see you through. Start visualising the race, especially the finish, and start getting excited about the Dublin Marathon!

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4 Responses to Countdown to Dublin Marathon 2013

  1. Red Hen says:

    Really enjoyed this marathon last year. My tips-allow for the fact that Dublin Bus, Luas, trains all run on Sunday schedule on the day-it being a Bank Holiday. You can discard your warm up top at the start of the race-but you wont get it back! The expo in the RDS is worth going to for more tips. And check out the route on youtube. Heartbreak Hill isn’t so heartbreaking.

  2. All great advice. I always try to have a Mapquest map of the local area in additionto my navigation on my smart phone. Those last few miles when your trying to find the parking area can sometimes cause a lot of trauma. GPS navigation still is far from perfect.

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