Colour Dash, Dublin, 2013

It beats mud and blood!

It beats mud and blood! (Photo: Irish Cancer Society)

How was your Saturday morning run? Mine was excellent. I set off on a leisurely 5 kilometre spin through the Phoenix Park in Dublin – and came back covered head to toe in all colours of paint.

The first Colour Dash in Ireland, in aid of the Irish Cancer Society, took place last Saturday morning, 27 July 2013, and I can report that it was great fun. In fact, I’m in some of the many photos posted on the Colour Dash Facebook page. (You’ll have to guess which paint-splattered athlete I am.)

Runners in the Colour Dash get bombarded with powdered dye (made from corn starch, I believe, so it’s safe and washable) at every kilometre. The atmosphere was fun and non-competitive – no medals at the end, just your multicoloured face, hair and T-shirt as badges of honour.

So why run through clouds of dye? For the same reason you might run a marathon – the fun of it, or in support of a charity. I saw a few groups whose T-shirts were emblazoned with the names of loved ones who succumbed to cancer. Raising awareness, generating funds, providing great fun – this Colour Dash was certainly a success.

If you missed the Phoenix Park madness, then sign up for one of the next Colour Dash events – at Punchestown racecourse on Saturday 24 August, in Cork on 28 September and in Limerick and Galway soon as well. Full details are at the Colour 5k website.

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2 Responses to Colour Dash, Dublin, 2013

  1. They look like fun. I always wondered what the powder was made of. I’ll have to try one some time.

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