Have I moved back to the right country?

Since my return to Ireland two weeks ago, the weather has been warm and sunny, with temperatures consistently in the high 20s. Perhaps this is the new Ireland, one of the things that changed during my eight years away in Paris.

Running in warm summer sunshine initially feels nice. But I’m not used to it. When I lived in Paris I usually avoided the annual French heatwave by taking three weeks’ holiday back home in cool n’ breezy Ireland every July. (August tends to be fresher in Paris.)

These last two weeks of unseasonably hot Irish summer weather seem to be taking their toll on me. The nights have been warm, so I haven’t slept well. This morning, I struggled to get around a 12-mile slow route, despite a light sea breeze at the halfway point; the heat felt like an overcoat.

I had taken precautions: an early morning start to beat the midday heat; factor 30 suncream applied liberally before I left the house; a bottle of water for regular sips en route; a slow pace.

But despite my common-sense approach (almost as rare as an Irish summer heatwave) I still had a sufferfest.

Afterwards, once I’d got home, I felt slight panic at not being able to cool down. My shower didn’t bring down my temperature; I was still burning hot and pumping sweat even as I rehydrated. Only after lying on damp towels for around 10 minutes was I able to feel comfortable again.

The warm weather, punctuated by thundery showers, is due to continue across Ireland for the next week. No forecast yet for the Dublin Marathon, although I feel confident that we won’t still have a heatwave on 28 October.

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2 Responses to Heatwave!

  1. Red Hen says:

    Yep, it`s a killer heat for us Irish. May be near the end of it now though.

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