Going home

The course map in full.

The course map in full. (Image: worldatlas.com)

Wimbledon? Confederations Cup? Lions tour of Australia? Minor events, mere sideshows all.

The major sporting news right now, of course, is that I’m leaving Paris next week and moving home to Ireland. This move will dramatically alter the scientifically-determined Rockhard Running Quotient (RRQ) of both countries. (I won’t confuse you with the equations and formulae, but believe me, it’s impressive stuff.)

Local authorities in Ireland have also ordered extra shiploads of tarmacadam, in anticipation of all the roads I’ll be burning up.

Here in Paris, commemorative services continue. As a mark of respect and solidarity for my imminent departure after 8 years Seine-side, staff at the Eiffel Tower have stopped work for the last two days. Stunned and disorientated by the news, waiters are accidentally being nice to people.

My move home comes just in time for me to launch into serious 16-week training for the Dublin Marathon at the end of October. I plan to do other races too, and perhaps even join an athletics club.

At the moment I’m fitting in my running around all the hoopla that comes with leaving one country and moving to another. Despite the busyness this last month, I’ve still been getting in around 30 miles a week – a 9-mile threshold run, an easy 4-mile loosener, a speed session at the track and a 13-mile long run on Sunday evening.

As soon as the move is completed and I’m settled in Ireland again, my running life will explode with new routes, new races and new opportunities. I can’t wait!

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2 Responses to Going home

  1. Cian McDermott says:

    Good luck with the move! Just moved to Australia myself recently, still getting used to it!

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