Hail to the runners!

Hailstones, just like those that fell on me during my run tonight. (Image: Wikimedia Commons/Raysonho)

Hailstones, just like those that riddled me during my run tonight. (Image: Wikimedia Commons/Raysonho)

High above Paris today, a warm front from the south-west collided with a north-easterly cold front. As a result, we had hail that seemed set to last all evening.

Undaunted, I went out for my run tonight. Snow had been forecast, and any weather without ice on the ground was going to be a bonus for me.

Once outside, my face got peppered with stinging pellets of ice for the first 15 minutes of my run. I was heading for the local athletics track, and because it was north-east from me I had to run into the hail-laden wind all the way.

Despite the incessant hail in my face, I managed to stick to my prescribed pace as per the Daniels Red Intermediate Plan I started using last week.

By the time I ran straight onto the track, it was covered in a layer of hailstones that turned to slush underfoot. A couple of other runners were doing laps, and meanwhile a rugby team was training on the artifical pitch in the infield.

The hail got heavier, the wind stronger. We few runners, two men and two women, stuck with our own personal training – I was doing three sets of one mile at my threshold pace, with a 1-minute slow shuffle between each mile.

Suddenly the rugby coach whistled and called his players: “Okay lads, into the changing rooms!” The team trotted off across the track and into their refuge from the difficult weather. After five minutes the hail lightened off, and the rugby players re-emerged to start training again. So much for the rugby hardmen!

My running rockhardness confirmed, I nailed my three-mile reps despite the slipperly conditions underfoot. The hail stopped completely as I left the track, and so I had a calm run home.

Well, that was a great night’s training. Not only are my legs tough, but the exfoliating effect of the hailstones on my face means that I now have the youthful glow of soft, fresh skin. Runners always win!

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