The ice breaker!

Just like this bar of chocolate. Yeah!

Just like this bar of chocolate. Yeah!

Temperatures here soared to a balmy 3 degrees today. This was enough to put a serious hole in the half-frozen slush and dirty snow littering our streets.

More importantly, it meant I could go for a run tonight, for the first time in a week!

There were still patches of snow and ice around when I was coming home from work. But, summoning up the spirit of intrepid Antarctic explorers, I cracked on with my run nonetheless.

Tonight wasn’t a night for recklessness or madcap dashing. I left the watch at home and contented myself with maintaining forward motion and full verticality. As much of my route goes along shaded streets, up and down hills, great concentration was required lest I hit upon a stray splatter of frozen slush or a sheet of black ice.

Fortunately much of the wintry detritus had been cleared off the pavements by constant footfall and the occasional shovel. Great piles of dirty snow sat in gutters like the innards of vacuum cleaner bags.

Still, my run was fraught with wintry danger and required great rockhardness on my part. At times the clear path of safety narrowed perilously to a tenuous strip of life-supporting tarmac through the frozen wastes. And the ice looked a lot like that corrosive, flesh-eating ice you hear about all the time in the news. Sometimes I nearly brushed a foot against it. But I was brave.

In the end I got around my five-mile route unscathed and had a great run. Temperatures are set to fall over the next few days, but hopefully there’ll be no more snow. In any case, there’ll be a noticeable rise in temperatures from this weekend on. And then it’ll be back to ice-free running!

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