Running on ice, or running put on ice?

"Running on this ice? No chance, pal! I'll stick to the waddling!" (Photo: Samuel Blanc/Wikimedia Commons)

“Running on this ice? No chance, pal! I’ll stick to the waddling!” (Photo: Samuel Blanc/Wikimedia Commons)

I like my running the way I like my liquor – hard, fast and with no ice.

Well, I can’t actually remember the last time I had liquor, apart from a drop of champagne at work last week and some wine at Christmas dinner before that.

And running is in danger of becoming a faded memory too – since the snow arrived last week I haven’t had a run at all. Worse still, the ice and compacted snow look like staying here for another few days at least.

Living in a hilly suburb, I find all the streets are now like icy Alpine slopes. The local authorities haven’t been clearing the footpaths, and no one seems to be even clearing in front of their shop or building any more. This leaves all the slush and melted snow to freeze overnight and turn into a proper skating rink by morning. Getting up the hill to my nearby tram stop was a bit hairy this morning – so this evening I’ll get off at the stop after, which is  on flat ground by the river. So, walking is enough of a challenge at the moment, never mind running.

That said, I’ve seen one or two people out running on icy ground. Good luck to them, and I hope they don’t fall. And thinking of Ireland’s victorious European cross-country team, who conquered the frozen fields of Hungary recently, I’m a bit embarrassed by my reluctance to chance the ice. 

But I’m just not used to running on ice or compacted snow. If I had a wide open field of fresh snow near me I would have a go on that, but even walking on icy streets has me straining my legs with cautious creeping and shuffling. Running on ice might do me more harm than good. A few days off because of ice, or a few weeks off because of injury? That’s an easy choice to make.

While I’m stuck indoors, I’ve been getting in some squats, lunges, sit-ups and press-ups – which has me wondering if I should just take my chances with falling on the ice instead.

If you’re running on icy ground, be careful out there.

I was just about to strike the cautiously optimistic note that the ice would be gone in a day or two – but looking out the window right now I see it’s started to snow again. Oh well. Back to the squats and sit-ups.

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