The 12 Runs of Christmas

Come Dasher! Come Prancer! Come Jogger and Overpronator!

Come Dasher! Come Prancer! Come Jogger and Sprinter and Overpronator!

It’s Christmas, and you’ve probably already started the seasonal marathon of eating and drinking.

Just tonight I demolished half a box of Cadbury’s Roses, and tomorrow holds in store more boxes of chocolates, tins of biscuits and bottles of wine. And that’s all on top of the Christmas dinner – turkey and ham and all the high-carb trimmings like potatoes and stuffing.

So how will I get through Christmas without turning from a marathon runner to an obesity statistic?

Well, I’ve embarked on what I’m calling The 12 Runs of Christmas, which is simply a mix of short and long runs between now and 6 January. Hopefully some regular running, fuelled by all this extra junk, will kickstart my metabolism or at least just burn off the extra pounds. All this and I’m not even a scientist!

Today brought one of those mild, sunny winter mornings that make it easy to go out running. I didn’t even wait for breakfast – out I went for a fine four miles up a nearby hill, looking over my town and across to the mountains and the bay.

Whatever about the carb-burning, I’m going to enjoy my holidays and my running. Happy Christmas!

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