After Dublin – back on the streets!

I’m just in from my first run since last week’s Dublin Marathon.

My recovery has been quick and relatively painless – I didn’t have to go down any stairs backwards, for instance. But mental tiredness proved a greater challenge than any physical aches, and I was busy with travel and other stuff this weekend, so it’s only this evening that I’ve had the opportunity and energy to hit the streets again.

No sooner was I out the door than my legs took on a life of their own and sprung into the reflex of hard-working, high-lifting strides last seen on the final miles of the Dublin Marathon. I needed to consciously relax my legs and reassure them that the marathon was over. Perhaps my feet are still on war footing, if you’ll excuse the pun.

I’m happy to report that all parts were working smoothly tonight. My right calf and hamstring felt a little tight, and that in turn made my right knee a little tense. But I took things easy – especially as heavy rain turned the leaf-strewn ground into an ice rink. (As well as my feet still being shell-shocked, maybe my mind hasn’t fully shaken off its pre-race maranoia.)

Despite the bad weather and slight twinges, I got around my four-mile route okay. After the excitement and upheaval of the marathon, I’m glad to normalise things again – and I have the bonus of running without any pressure of training or performance. For the rest of November I’ll keep ticking over, and then in December I’ll think about what races, if any, I’ll do next spring.

Back in the game, baby!

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