Miles or kilometres?

Is that in old money or new? (Photo:

Another excellent question: will the Dublin Marathon course have mile markers or kilometre markers? Or both?

The answer, according to the Dublin Marathon website, is that every mile will be indicated by a sign on the course. In addition, there’ll be signs to mark every 5 kilometres.

This raises the question: are you imperial or metric?

Having run marathons in Dublin and Paris, I know that the mile vs kilometre question is important. I’ve always planned and trained using miles – but in my first continental marathon, in Paris in 2007, I used the kilometre signs to count off the distance.

For me this turned out to be psychologically harder, because 42 of something (kilometres) seems greater than 26 of something (miles). This might just be me, of course.

The Paris Marathon has become a large international event and therefore mindful of English-speaking competitors who still use imperial measurements. This year’s course was clearly marked at every mile – and I did my best to shut out the kilometre signs.

That said, the marathon is the same distance in miles (26.2) or in kilometres (42.2). But every little mental trick helps!

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