Dublin Marathon 2012: four weeks to go!

“Come on! Like, start already!”

Seems like ages since you started training for the 2012 Dublin Marathon, right? Well, finally the calendar pages have reached October, meaning there are just four weeks to go to race day. Yahoo!

If Dublin 2012 is your first marathon and you’ve made it this far, hopefully your training is going well and you’re feeling good. The next four weeks will be a cocktail of excitement, dread and perhaps a dash of panic: ‘Have I trained enough?’ ‘Have I trained too much?’ ‘Will I make it at all?’ There are plenty of other runners, even non-beginners, asking themselves the same questions, you can bet.

You’ll no doubt be nauseated to learn that everything’s going fine for me so far. I’ve really enjoyed my training and in the recent long runs I’ve felt great – last Saturday morning I was hopping off the road and had to hold myself back.

There’s still some work to be done between now and race day, though. The trick is to manage my excitement and save my energy. I’ll put in one more week of solid training before I wind down for my usual three-week taper. Now’s not the time for me to make a mad burst of extra frantic training – I must have faith in the work I’ve put in so far, and keep it sensible for the weeks that remain.

This time four weeks from now, you’ll have finished the 2012 Dublin Marathon. Exciting, isn’t it?

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2 Responses to Dublin Marathon 2012: four weeks to go!

  1. Julie says:

    You are mad. That is all

    (But fair play all the same)

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