Video: Dublin Marathon 2012 route

Are you training for this year’s Dublin Marathon? Need some extra motivation and mental preparation?

The race organisers have posted a video of the 2012 course. You can take a high-speed tour from the start on Fitzwilliam Street along the whole route and back to the finish at Merrion Square.

Compared to the 2011 edition, the only significant change to this year’s Dublin Marathon route is that runners will now go up the centre of the Phoenix Park along Chesterfield Avenue, which was closed for road works last year, rather than going around the edge of the park. This means that the 2012 course reverts to the same one used in the 2010 race.

I recall some suggestions from around the time of the race launch earlier this year about taking out the Roebuck Road section of the course – the only serious uphill section of the race, coming at the difficult 20-mile point. But Dublin’s version of Heartbreak Hill is still in the marathon, something that may not be good news for many who’ve struggled at that point in previous races.

You can also download a map of the 2012 course and get more information from the Dublin Marathon website:

Here’s the high-speed tour of the 2012 Dublin Marathon course. Get visualising!

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2 Responses to Video: Dublin Marathon 2012 route

  1. DAvid says:

    Thanks for the video and map, but dont see any toilet stops on the map! Are they every few KM?

    • Run and Jump says:

      David, that’s an excellent question. The FAQ page of the Dublin Marathon website ( says the following:

      “Where will the toilets be located?
      Toilets will be provided at the baggage area, a small amount will be provided in the start area. There will also be 10 locations with toilets on the route, close to the water stations.”

      [There’s a water station every 3 miles, around every 5 km, so that’s the frequency of the toilets too.]

      Good luck with your training and your race!

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