Make your own sports drink!

Tom Cruise in the movie 'Cocktail'

One sip of this and you’ll be jumping on the couch too, baby!

It’s the height of summer and you’ve just staggered in home from a hot and sweaty run. One of those isotonic sports drinks would really hit the spot right now, especially as you’ve probably sweated out valuable salt, sugar and water from your system.

But your fridge is empty and you haven’t the energy to traipse back out to your local shop. What can you do?

Never fear. Here’s how you can rustle up your own home-made sports drink – I got this from the nutritional advice on the Dublin Marathon website back in 2004:

First, take a pint glass. (Since you’ve started running you’ve probably not been using it very much these days.). Fill your glass with water but leave it just short of full – as if the head were missing from your pint of stout. If you don’t have a large glass, use an empty water bottle.

Next, add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon-tip of sugar – these are the ‘isotonic’ elements of your drink. Stir the concoction well (or shake it vigorously in your bottle) until the salt and sugar look to have dissolved.

Finally, add a dash of fruit juice for taste, and stir again.

Voilà – your very own sports drink. Thirsty as you are, don’t drain the lot in one swallow – take your time and drink it patiently.

If you have your own recipes or tips, feel free to share them!

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