The road to Dublin Marathon 2012

The first run done – that’s 8 miles, not metres or minutes.

The story so far: I had an epic and rock-hard run in the Paris Marathon in April, my fifth time going the distance. Since then I’ve been resting up, ticking over with a few runs but generally feeling that something is missing.

But now let those feelings fall away like scales from the eyes. This morning I started my training for the Dublin Marathon on 29 October. And in Dublin itself yesterday morning, many marathon entrants took part in the Irish Runner 5 miler, the first in a series of races that will lead up to the 26-miler in October. Game on!

(In the minor running headlines, the European Athletics Championships are on now and the Olympics start later this month.)

Through May and June I had kept up a light schedule of 20 miles per week with no long run or speed session. Now in July I’ll bump it up to 30 miles at least, probably 32 at most. On Tuesday I’ll head over to the track for a few fast-and-slow 400 metres, though my ‘long’ run next weekend will only be 8 miles – best to ease into this increased workload.

My new running shoes (the pair by Brooks, not the one by the baker) are feeling fine – I took them for a few light test drives during last week without any ill-effects or blisters. The bounce of new shoes is another boost as I head into my marathon training. And it feels good to have an objective for my running – every run I record in my training planner (see image above) feels like cash in the bank for the marathon.

If you’re also preparing for the Dublin Marathon, good luck with your training – and leave a comment here to share your experiences.

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