Back in the game!

Outta the way! Comin' through!

I had my first post-marathon run this Saturday morning, a week after doing the 26-and-a-bit miles around Paris. It felt great!

True, I only went out for a mile and I took it very handily. But all the parts were in working order – no aches or pains or discomfort. “Another 25 of these would be no problem to me right now,” I thought at the end of my triumphant one-mile comeback. But I decided to stick to my plan and have my breakfast.

I’ve got a bit of a cold at the moment, thanks to the combination of post-race fatigue and wet weather. But there’s nothing like some runner’s high to cure all known ills. Still, I’ll rest up until I’ve shaken off this cold, and then I’ll get back into regular running again.

Back in the game, baby!

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