Men in tights!

… and don’t get me started on his running posture.

Anyone here want to see me in skintight lycra or revealing tights? Didn’t think so.

Last week’s mild weather has disappeared and it’s a bit nippy here on Seine-side again. For runners, that means the winter wardrobe gets another week of wear. And for some male runners, cold weather is the occasion for pulling on their tights.

Some lads will have a pair of shorts over them, and that’s grand. But then there are the guys who are tight all over, most noticeably with lycra in the trouser department. They like to reveal all.

Now, there is a school of thought that men should only wear tights if they are performing on stage (worn on the lower half)  or committing a robbery (worn over the head). I am an honours graduate of this school. It’s not that I consider skintight leggings unmanly or effeminate – it’s just that they’re very revealing. And wouldn’t the tightness be a problem? Instead, I wear very light tracksuit bottoms (or what our American friends would call sweat pants) that don’t overheat or restrict me.

But I wonder if I’m seen as less of a runner because I’m in a tracksuit instead of skintight leggings. At the track every night this winter, the faster guys are in tights while the dilettantes and beginners are in their tracksuit bottoms and sweat pants. And there am I between the two, wondering where I belong.

Is this a rite of passage for the male runner? Thrusting your lycra-clad lumps into the face of the world; is that the mark of marathon dedication? If only to rid the streets of explicit male tightness, springtime can’t come quickly enough.

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2 Responses to Men in tights!

  1. Koji Kawano says:

    Hahaha… funny post. I don’t like to run in tights, either, but then we are spoiled a bit in San Francisco where temperature does not fluctuate much and seems always somewhere between 50F and 60F. Warm enough to wear regular running shorts all year round. I do wear compression shorts when I race, though. They are extremely tight but not uncomfortable. Also, they help me run marathon distance without cramps. Good luck with your Paris Marathon!

    • Run and Jump says:

      Hmmm, compression shorts, not sure if I like the sound of what they may be compressing!

      Good luck with Boston – and that Stockholm Olympic Jubilee marathon sounds great. (Maybe Paris will do the same thing in two years to mark the 1924 Olympic Marathon)

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